Foncalieu的品質研討會是生產者們共同努力去提高酒釀品質去到更高的層次,爭取更卓越的成就。在法國南部的這片陽光明媚的土地上,他們善用土地改良製品,為我們提供源源不絕的靈感,激發我們:提高水果的手工工藝,創造出均衡和新鮮的濃縮葡萄酒。萊斯插畫是8個葡萄種植者的故事,他們匯集了他們的專業知識,以製造出色的葡萄酒。這是一種獨特的特色,它將能量通過羅馬人挖出的古老的筒倉從Oppidum d'Ensérune,這個著名的考古遺址被列為“法國國家紀念碑”村莊依然站立。
生產19 500瓶。




土壤由糖蜜和蠔石灰石組成,在Soubergues des Coteaux d'Enséruneterroir。海拔:50米。炎熱和乾燥的地中海氣候使這種特殊葡萄酒的力量和復雜性更加明顯。


可持續的生長方法和小區選擇限制產量為25 hl / ha。 Cordon de Royat修剪良好的分佈。打破限制收益。葉片變薄,以提高葡萄暴露在陽光下。束稀釋,使選擇最優質的葡萄。


收穫後,自動分揀系統,然後在輸送機上進行第二次手動逐粒葡萄分揀,並進行傾斜壓榨(葡萄在榨汁前的葡萄榨汁機頂部),以保持葡萄的芳香潛力。持續5-6天的發酵前冷浸,溫和地提取葡萄皮中的色素和香味。低容量溫度控制的不銹鋼大桶(40-100 hl)的酒精發酵用於逐小區釀酒。持續3-4週的浸漬,每天沖壓,抽出,從葡萄中輕輕地提取豐富的精華。










The tale of the Atelier Prestige de Foncalieu is one of a handful of producers working together to reach new heights, to strive for even greater excellence. In this sunny land in the south of France, they constantly cherish their land to stir and inspire us: artisanal work to enhance the fruit and create concentrated wines with remarkable balance and freshness. Les Illustres is the story of 8 winegrowers who have pooled their expertise in order to craft an outstanding wine. This is a unique cuvée that draws its energy through the ancient silos dug by the Romans out of the soft rock of molasses at the Oppidum d’Ensérune, the famous archaeological site listed as a ‘Monument National de France’ where the remains of an ancient village still stand.
19 500 bottles produced.   


VARIETIES : 60% Syrah, 30% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 10% Malbec.


soil consisting of molasses and oyster limestone, in the Soubergues des Coteaux d’Ensérune terroir. Altitude: 50 metres. Hot and dry Mediterranean climate brining out the power and complexity of this exceptional wine.


sustainable growing methods and plot-by-plot selection limiting yield to 25 hl/ha. Cordon de Royat pruning for good bunch distribution. Debudding to limit yield. Leaf thinning to improve grape exposure to the sun. Bunch thinning to enable selection of the highest quality grapes.


Upon receipt of the harvest, an automatic sorting system followed by a second manual grape-by- grape sorting at a conveyor, and a tilting press (grape crushing at the top of the vat just before vatting) to preserve the grapes’ aromatic potential. Pre-fermentation cold maceration lasting 5-6 days to gently extract the pigments and aromas found in the grape skins. Alcoholic fermentation in low-capacity temperature-controlled stainless steel vats (40-100 hl) for plot-by-plot vinification. Maceration lasting 3-4 weeks with daily punching down and pumping over to gently extract the full richness from the grapes.


25 percentage of the wine is aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels (particularly the Malbec and some of the Cabernet Sauvignon), with a special selection of the finest grapes to develop the wines’ length and finesse.


dark red appearance with hints of purple. Complex bouquet of cardamom, alcohol-soaked fruit and tobacco leaf. Liquorice notes and a wonderful freshness on the palate. Intense finish supported by caramelised notes.


excellent with rabbit and olives, red mullet pie or a veal and prune tagine. Serve at room temperature17°C.


Cellaring potential: 8 years.

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