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潮州發記禦品金勾翅從中美洲和南美洲地區的合法捕撈獲得的藍鯊鰭 能保留了金勾翅的新鮮度和天然膠原蛋白。 不含檸檬酸鈉,EDTA-CA-NA,赤山梨酸鈉,焦亞硫酸鈉。 可在室溫下保存兩年,只需加熱即可食用。
內容量: 魚翅包500克±5%, 頂湯包600克±5%

保存期限: 標示於內包裝 建議煮法 將潮州發記的招牌頂湯倒入鍋中,以中火加熱並略微攪動。 當頂湯開始沸騰,折开潮州發記御品金勾翅,再金勾翅的倒入鍋中煮5-7分鐘至沸騰。 即可享受美食! 份量可供5-6人享用。

Blue Shark’s Fins obtained from legalized fishing in the Central and South America region. Freshness and natural collagen proteins of the fins preserved. Does not contain sodium citrate, EDTA-CA-NA, sodium erythorbate, sodium metabisulphite. Ready to eat product that can be stored at room temperature for a period of two years.

Weight: Shark's Fin 500g±5%, Premium Stock 600g±5%
Expiry date: please see inner packaging Cooking Method Pour Teochew Huat Kee’s Signature Stock into a pot. Heat over a medium fire, stirring constantly. When the stock begins to boil, pour in our Premium Shark’s Fin and simmer for 5-7 mins, until it boils. Serve immediately and enjoy! Serves 5-6 people.
** Microwave oven heating is not recommended.

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