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【細胞淨】排毒片 (36片)

CTP Detoxor (36 tablets)


經Soria Natural創新研發部和西班牙高級科研委員會(CSIC) 轄下的國家癌症研究中心(CIC) 超過10年的共同研究,證實能促進細胞和身體內部的解毒過程。



產品特點 :

  • 淨化全身細胞,易於排出體內
  • 強化肝臟解毒過程,減少細胞廢物積聚
  • 補充每日所需50%鐵質 (7毫克) 及維生素C (40毫克)


適合對象 :

  • 受皮炎,濕疹及其他皮膚問題困擾人士
  • 剛接受完抗生素治療
  • 剛接受完化療療程
  • 長期服用西藥人士
  • 吸煙、攝入過量酒精、藥物
  • 經常進食烤焗、燒烤、加工食品
  • 經常進食海產人士
  • 經常接觸有毒化學品、有機溶劑
  • 居住在空氣污染問題嚴重的都市人
  • 轉季時容易患病
  • 容易過敏或出現早衰
  • 關注前列腺,膀胱及腎臟健康


主要成分 :

寬葉獨行菜提取物 (嫩葉)


服用方法 :


日常保健 - 每日午餐前5-10分鐘以溫水送服1片

深層排毒 (為期7星期) - 每日餐前5-10分鐘以溫水送服

第1星期 : 每日午餐前服用1片;

第2-3星期 : 每日午餐及晚餐前各服用1片;

第4-7星期 : 每日午餐前服用1片。



  • 對成分敏感人士,不宜服用
  • 對十字花科植物過敏人士,不宜服用
  • 孕婦和哺乳期婦女,不宜服用
  • 不建議甲狀腺問題人士服用
  • 辣椒素和咖啡因會抑制還原酶的功用,避免與辣椒、辣味食品、咖啡、含茶葉的茶、可樂、朱古力於同一餐服用
  • 抗凝血藥物如雙香豆素、華法林(俗稱薄血丸)或醋酸香豆素會降低解毒效果

主要成分 : 寬葉獨行菜粉末*, 寬葉獨行菜提取物*, 維他命C*, 硫酸亞鐵。

* 天然成分

服用方法 :


日常保健: 每日午餐前5-10 分鐘以溫水送服1片﹔

深層排毒*(為期7星期): 每日餐前5-10 分鐘以溫水送服。
第1星期: 每日午餐前服用1片;
第2-3星期: 每日午餐及晚餐前各服用1片;
第4-7星期: 每日午餐前服用1片。


辣椒素和咖啡因會抑制還原酶的功用,當服用CTP DETOXER 時,建議避免與辣椒、辣味食品,和咖啡一同服用。
抗凝血藥物如雙香豆素、華法林(俗稱薄血丸)或醋酸香豆素會降低CTP DETOXER 的解毒效果。



CTP DETOXER is an innovative preparation obtained by lyophilisation of young leaves of Lepidium latifolium to promote cellular detoxification and cleansing of the body internally, and is the result of more than ten years of cooperative research between the R&D&I Department of Soria Natural and the Spanish Cancer Research Center (CIC) under the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC).

CTP DETOXER ,through its ability to stimulate enzymes of phase II cell detoxification exerts, on one hand an intense cellular protection by promoting and increasing the elimination of toxic substances it receives, avoiding the harmful effect that the accumulation can produce in body cells and improving their functioning, and on the other hand it presents an indirect antioxidant action helping to neutralize free radicals and to inhibit their formation.

Product Features :

  • Maintain the liver detoxification process
  • Discharge the body toxins
  • Reduce waste accumulation
  • Provide 50% iron (7 mg) and Vitamin C (40 mg) daily

Suitable for :

  • As cellular and general detoxifier.
  • For treating and strengthening the “terrain".
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs.
  • Jobs using organic solvents: painters, carpenters, print shops, dry cleaners etc. 
  • People exposed to pesticides, insecticides etc.
  • Consumption of refined sugar, bakery products, hydrogenated vegetable fats, saturated fats, processed foods
  • Prior to slimming treatments

Active ingredient : Powder of Broad-leaved pepperweed 
(Lepidium latifolium*), Dry extract of Broad-leaved pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium*), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Ferrous sulphate.

Serving direction :

For a maintenance detoxification, it is recommended to take 1 tablet a day, 5-10 minutes before lunch, with a glass of water.

For an in depth detoxification (of seven weeks), it is recommended to take, 5-10 minutes before lunch , with a glass of water, respecting the following guidelines:

-1 tablet a day during the first week.

-2 tablets a day (2 intakes of 1 tablet) during the second and the third week.

-1 tablet a day during the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh week.

It is recommended to repeat the process every six months.


It is not advisable to use during pregnancy and lactation, and in case of hypothyroidism.
The quinine redutase enzyme can be inhibited by capsaicin and caffeine. Therefore, while taking CTP DETOXER, it is advisable not to consume foods containing such substances as paprika, chillies and similar spicy foods, coffee, etc.
The quinine reductase enzyme can also be inhibited by dicumarol (anticoagulant) so that people taking anticoagulants such as dicumarol, warafarin or sintrom have a reduced effect of CTP DETOXER.

This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

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