The 5100 water source is in the polar uninhabited area at an altitude of 5100 meters in the Nyainqentanglha Mountains. It contains pure prehistoric glacial water sources. After years of deep circulation underground, it finally forms high-quality mineral water. 100% water source pollution-free filling, pure natural, slightly alkaline, rich in various trace elements needed by the human body. Small molecule, strong activity, especially suitable for making soup, decocting medicine, and making tea. It is the high-quality first choice for healthy life, suitable for business and home use.

As the national water brand of China, 5100 is the designated water for major government affairs and business activities of the country, such as the two sessions, reception of foreign heads of state, and National Day military parade. Listed as a key poverty alleviation project by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, it arranges employment for Tibetans, donates funds for education, builds roads and connects electricity, etc. Every bottle of 5100 mineral water contains a friendship for the Tibetan people!

The little prince hopes to work together with caring people so that more people can drink healthy 5100 Tibetan good water, and make a contribution to the economic development of Tibet and the improvement of the life and well-being of Tibetan compatriots.