Not everyone can accept the taste of durian, but those who accept it must be people who love durian very much.

For little princess Li Tao, durian is a delicious food. But what is a good durian?

A good durian should be sweet but not bitter, with a little aroma in the flesh, which is the best durian.

And Yipin Musang King durian is the best among them.

At present, Yipin Musang King durian is on the shelves of Prince Mall. You can bring Yipin Musang King durian back to your home for only $780. Why don't you hurry up and buy it and bring it back home?


PS If you eat too much durian, you will get angry. If you are surprised, you can buy a bottle of old tangerine peel and stewed lemon. You can enjoy the taste of durian without getting angry. It kills two birds with one stone☺️☺️