The Dream of Reverse Growth - Scavenging Free Radicals

Immortality has always been the dream that people desire for thousands of years. Who doesn't want to reverse growth, but who can stop the pace of aging? because:

  • free radicals cause aging

Human metabolism produces a large number of free radicals.

Environmental pollution and mental stress increase the production of free radicals. Free radicals constantly attack healthy cells, thus causing cell damage, causing a series of pathological changes in the cell----tissue----organ----system, and the aging of degenerative diseases.

  • life code DNA

Cells can simply replicate genetic information through the process of DNA replication. Accumulation of DNA damage can impair cell survival and lead to genetic mutations.

  • programming theory

The above two theories explain how human health is compromised biologically and chemically, while the programming theory suggests that aging is controlled by specific genes that sequentially switch on and off telomeres.


Ageless NADH cell activation, power boost

Ageless NADH is led by Georgetown University in the United States, and a group of top scientists cooperated with Grand Health to develop it. By enhancing neuron function and powerful antioxidant components, it directly acts on cells to exert anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

Ageless NADH's unique formula contains collagen tripeptide, resveratrol and snow lotus ingredients, 100% natural and safe, no coloring, preservatives, flavoring agents, no hormones and steroids and other chemical substances, and the active substances have been clinically tested.

NADH is absorbed by cells two steps faster than NR , which is more direct and faster!


With 7 advantages - double anti-aging

Can reverse the process of cellular aging and restore youth

  • Improve memory and concentration
  • self-produced collagen
  • Antioxidant and anti-radiation
  • Improves mental clarity and alertness
  • Boost energy and improve physical fatigue
  • Youthful Appearance and Anti-Aging
  • anti-inflammatory
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