[Dark Night Shimmer] New Book Release

This book records the touching story of the Hong Kong police who have firmly guarded the city of Hong Kong day and night with their flesh and blood since the Hong Kong "protocol incident" in June 2019; the last line of defense of Hong Kong's rule of law and social order. They are under pressure and attacks from both mental and physical overload. Against the evil forces, the family members and children of the police force were exposed, exposed, humiliated, and bullied... these unbearable pains. They are strong-willed. Withstood the crazy tyranny of Hong Kong rioters; withstood the nuisance of "yellow media";

As the "best police force" in Asia, the Hong Kong police are full of love and patience, keep their vows and never retreat, and do their duty without fear of danger. "Loyalty and Courage" will be engraved in history together with their names. Let us follow their footsteps through words, witness their sweat, tears and even blood, feel the pain and pain they have experienced, and feel their iron-blooded tenderness.

After years of turmoil, the Guanshan is long, showing the true qualities of a hero; Adhering to the principles of the law, carrying out battles to defend the country, has been majestic for thousands of years. Strictly enforce the law in the scorching heat, set up a dark night to protect the people, without complaint or regret.

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