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Children without umbrellas run hard and strive for the life they want. Always tears in my eyes, always warm in my heart, and sow kindness. What comes out of struggle is life. Every effort is a tribute to life.

This book contains the inspirational story of Haigang Sir overcoming many adversities and growing up. There are many inspiring true stories in the book, including the experience of Xiao V and marginalized children. These stories changed many people's views, that is, we can actually make those who have returned Children on the right path will in turn continue to motivate their little partners and work together to move forward.

He hopes that more young people can read his book and be inspired by his life experience. All proceeds from book sales will be donated to charity.

Haigang Sir is an Internet celebrity policeman with hundreds of thousands of followers in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and his works have been read more than one billion times.

Sowing kindness, those who love out will love back, and those who have gone will be blessed.

The book will deliver in April. More than 100 pcs will have 20% discount. HabaSir can arrange for his books to be autographed by him.

This book contains motivational stories of HabaSir while growing up as he overcame many adversities in his personal life. There are also truly inspirational stories of his mentees including Little V and marginalized kids through unconditional love, patience and guidance who their own peers.

He hopes more youths would read his book and be inspired by his life-coaching experiences. All royalties from book sales will be donated for charity.

Incidentally, I understand that HabaSir is a KOL with billions of followers in HK and China combined.

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